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Welcome to Ink & Gumption!
Welcome to Ink & Gumption!

Ink & Gumption Publishing Partnerships

Ink & Gumption aims to make the development process easier and more open to everyone that wants to make their own tabletop games.
We can help with every stage of the process of publishing: Design, Manufacturing, Funding, Fulfilment, Distribution, and Ongoing Sales

Design & Manufacturing Contacts

Half-Monster has spent years perfecting the process of making tabletop games, and have build up huge lists of artists, writers, contractors, manufacturers, freight companies and more. We can help put you in touch with whoever you need and get great quotes on their services.

This is free for everyone.

Crowdfunding & Fulfilment Guidance

We’ve run over a half dozen successful Kickstarter campaigns, and fulfilled every one. We’ve even had some failures too, and learned everything we could from them. We can guide you through the process of story building, videos, images, reviews, backer reports, and more.

We give general advice on crowdfund pages for free.

We give fulfilment, shipping, quoting, page build, and campaign feedback for 10% of Kickstarter funds OVER the campaign target. We don’t get a chunk of the whole pie - just a slice of your extra success.

Global Distribution Integration

Half-Monster has distributor, retailer, and customer networks established all over the world. It’s how we run a global business from right here in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. This system has delivered tens of thousands of games and can carry many many more - we’re ready to share that capacity with you and get your game where it needs to go.

When your products are moved by us, we receive 10% of the value of that transaction, before shipping. We want this to be as affordable and effective as possible.

Ongoing Sales Outreach & Partnerships

Not everyone has time to be constantly spreading the word about their game, or to visit retailers for demos, send out review copies, manage relationships with distributors, or work through a call or email list. We do this every day, however, and all Ink & Gumption partner games are included in a catalogue that we take to every meeting, every time, and show off what our partner developers have to offer. Our motto is Stronger Together - because when we all help eachother out, everyone wins.

For every copy we personally sell on your behalf, we only take 10%. We want to help your games get out into the world, and present them as part of our own dedicated sales and marketing efforts. We’re here to help out, and can’t wait to hear what you think.

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