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Xenohunters Sci-Fi Horror Game Beyond the Outer Rim

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 Testimonial from Pòl Rua:

“Xenohunters alone is worth the price of entry.
It's a narrative-heavy asymmetrical game about horrible aliens and daring crewmembers, with loads of options to enhance replayability and a system which makes sure that every game comes right down to the wire.”

Be Hunters or Aliens in this sci fi horror boardgame! Join a female mercenary squad fighting xenos outbreaks on the galactic frontier 💀

Xenohunters, welcome to the 36th century.

Humanity lives in station colonies throughout the galactic rim, and have enjoyed a golden age of peace built on eons of conquest and annexation.   

However, ships and colonies are going dark and have become uncontactable.

The galactic council has expended their military forces to no avail - they need to call on the best.

You, the Xenohunters, have been summoned as the elite mercenary crew who live on the edge of the law to investigate the stations. You know very well: this is another outbreak of flesh-eating Xenos, creatures that harvest living flesh to birth monsters.



Remain hidden to avoid being mauled by the Xenos, or use your stealth to spring a surprise attack. Each player (including the Alien) have a Hidden Location grid on which they move when sneaking.  



Claws swipe at you, teeth gnash at your ear - roll to strike, bring the Xenos down, and live another day.

Player Screens both hide your hidden movement but display all your actions in an easy-to-read way, allowing you to focus on the hunt instead of hunting through the rulebook


Hunters can collect and carry over 48 unique items, such as: a Laser Rifle to deal extensive damage, a Metabolic Suppressor to dizzy the Alien's sense, a Phase Jacket to teleport through doors, or a Hypersonic Ram to smash and crush enemies.

All humans can access any Rummage point, but only the Xenos can use the Vents (unless the Hunters have a special Item allowing them to do so)


With protection, invade the Alien's hive to attack or travel quickly across the board - but be careful. Who knows what you can run into in the dark...

The Ducts are accessed through Vent spaces, and allow fast travel for the Xenos throughout each station


The Alien feasts on your flesh to rebirth you as a Hybrid Spawn. Continue to play and turn on your crew, now helping the Alien win at any cost. 

Death is not the end - humans devoured by the Alien become up to three units of Hybrid Spawn. Special science items exist that allow humans to be turned back.


Different stations, all with different achievement levels for endless replayability. Play each mission separately or successively progress through each to discover the world of the Xenohunters and eradicate all Xenos from the galaxy.

Four missions available on two double-sided boards - allows a huge variety of dynamic objectives and tactical complexity, while maintaining portability


Be a hero and shove an ally out of harm's way, sacrifice yourself by detonating an explosion to achieve the mission,  lock yourself in a room and use a Flame Thrower to annihilate every living thing. Or maybe.... abandon your crew, warp away, and save yourself.

Explosions spread through the ship one section at a time, making for exciting and cinematic escapes with aliens hot on your trail


Number of Players: 2-6

Age Group: 15+

Play Time: 60 Minutes

Components: 1 x Box, 1 x A4 Ruleboook, 3 x Double Sided A2 Mission Boards, 4 x Hunter Player Screens, 1 x Large Alien Player Screen, 5 x Hybrid Spawn Boards, 5 x Hidden Location Grids, 5 x Character Standees, 62 x Gameplay Tokens, 40 x Item Cards, 1 x Dice, 5 x Coloured Cubes


More on their way!

"An excellent game to have in one’s collection. I personally have zero games utilizing hidden movement mechanics, so this will certainly fill a niche in my collection that I have neglected.

I love the theme and premise of the game, and it seems ripe for expansions. I can see many new human characters that can be added, more maps and scenarios, and even more big bads being thrown in to increase the difficulty."


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